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The Falconry Centre Display Team

Returning for 2023, The Falconry Centre Display Team can bring a selection of birds of prey to fly for your event, including fetes, country shows, private events and corporate activities.

A usual team will consist of between 5 to 8 birds depending on your requirements, including an owl, hawk, falcon and at least one of our impressive eagles. We offer a selection of packages to suit your event.

Our only requirement is that we must be able to drive onto the arena where the birds will be flown, or at the very least be able to park beside it.

Prices start from just £350; we have three standard options available but we are happy to provide a quote for a bespoke package.

The Falconry Centre has a zoo licence, animal transportation licence, full public liability insurance and risk assessment. All falconers are DBS checked. Copies of all documentation can be produced on request.

Drive On & Drive Off

The Falconer will arrive just before the scheduled display time and drive onto the arena to provide a 40-minute flying display, followed by 20 minutes off the side of the arena or nearby for a question and answer session. Prices start from £350 for weekdays or £450 for weekends plus travel expenses.

2 x Flying Displays

Two 30-minute flying displays with a maximum of 3 hours between the start times of each display. This includes a meet and greet area where the Falconer will be available to answer questions with a bird sitting on the glove in between the two displays. The displays will be the same team of birds repeated. Prices start from £550 plus travel.

Static & Flying Displays

A full display stand and set up featuring at least 8 different birds of prey. This option also includes two 30-minute flying displays, and a static display of all the birds sat out on perches when not flying. The Falconer will be on hand to answer any questions from attendees between displays. Prices start from £900 plus travel.

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