This is section of our website explores in depth the different groups of raptors, their adaptations for hunting and survival, and their conservation. Although it is written by a Falconer who is a Zoology graduate, hopefully it is not too technical for people wishing to learn more about these amazing birds!

There are two main sections, which are daytime birds of prey (or “diurnal raptors”), and the owls (or “nocturnal raptors”). If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us.

The Peregrine Falcon (falco peregrinus) is the most widely-recognised falcon, found worldwide and famous for being the fastest animal on the planet, reaching speeds in excess of 200mph in a vertical stoop (dive).
The Barn Owl (tyto alba) is a famous example of an owl, or “nocturnal raptor”. It is an iconic species and easily recognisable even to those who have little knowledge of birds!