Season Tickets

Due to popular demand from our regular visitors, we are now offering Season Tickets. These allow you unlimited visits to The Falconry Centre for the duration of the ticket. These season tickets can be brought for one adult (Single Season Ticket), two adults or one adult and one child (Joint Season Ticket) or can include up to two adults and up to three children (Family Season Ticket). Season Tickets can also be purchased as gifts.

The Season Ticket is credit card sized, and therefore ideal to fit in your wallet or purse. The pass must be presented on each visit to the centre. This ticket is not transferable. Only the season ticket holder(s) named on the pass are able to gain entry into the Falconry Centre; anyone else accompanying pays the normal admission charge.

Payment can be made via the form below using your credit or debit card, over the phone on 01562 700014, or season tickets can be purchased at the centre. Please Contact Us if you need any further assistance.

Season Ticket Prices

6 Month Single (1 Adult)£30.00
12 Month Single (1 Adult)£54.00
6 Month Joint (2 Adults or 1 Adult & 1 Child)£55.00
12 Month Joint (2 Adults or 1 Adult & 1 Child)£95.00
6 Month Family (2 Adults & up to 3 Children)£65.00
12 Month Family (2 Adults & up to 3 Children)£105.00